Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life of a Freelance

1. It is good to be a freelance whereby we do not have to to go to office everyday, stamp the punch card, no boss to report to, need not to drive so early in the morning and go through the traffic jam everyday etc.

2. But we need to remember one thing - if there is no job, means no money coming in.

3. So, how to get a job ?

4. Firstly, we must be very good in our work - liase with clients, meet the dateline and many more.

5. Secondly, brand ourselves properly so that people know what we are doing and when we are very good at our job, definitely people will come to us.

6. Thirdly, advertise our services. I seldom get any jobs through advertisement because normally they will only asked about our pricing and then they keep quiet. The best way to advertise our service is through words of mouth. And sometimes, to achieve that, we do certain job for free.

7. So, back to the basic - be really good and people will talk about our works and definitely they will suggest to others. Only to do this, never show your weaknesses or spoil their day.

8. In addition to that, enhance our people skills wherever we are, make sure they know what we are doing and one day they will call us to use our service.

9. That is how we managed to survive - get to know people, get the job done and get paid.

10. But the sad thing is - sometimes after we deliver a good job, some of them are very difficult to pay.

11. Well, that is the life of a freelance.

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