Sunday, December 26, 2010


Testimonial from Jackson Ng. Read about him here .


Thursday, May 13, 2010

You Can Create Wealth

For more information,
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

How to Manage Events Successfully ?

These are the reasons why you should contact me for more info.

So, would you like to know more ?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Activities in February, March and April 2010

It has been a while we didn't update this blog. Well, these are the reasons :



3. And we are busy trying out this gadget ...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Great Outdoor Portrait Photography Workshop

A picture can tell a thousand words. What about 4 min and 39 sec video ?
A great photography workshop done by

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sharing Session by Nurul Suhaimi

1. I am inviting my fellow friends who are interested in photography.

2. Photography can be anyone's hobby and you can turn your hobby into a money making machine too !

3. These good people are willing to share their knowledge and for those who would like to enhance their skills in photography, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

4. InsyaAllah I will be there to make a special documentary about them and about you who attend on that day.

See you !

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life of a Freelance

1. It is good to be a freelance whereby we do not have to to go to office everyday, stamp the punch card, no boss to report to, need not to drive so early in the morning and go through the traffic jam everyday etc.

2. But we need to remember one thing - if there is no job, means no money coming in.

3. So, how to get a job ?

4. Firstly, we must be very good in our work - liase with clients, meet the dateline and many more.

5. Secondly, brand ourselves properly so that people know what we are doing and when we are very good at our job, definitely people will come to us.

6. Thirdly, advertise our services. I seldom get any jobs through advertisement because normally they will only asked about our pricing and then they keep quiet. The best way to advertise our service is through words of mouth. And sometimes, to achieve that, we do certain job for free.

7. So, back to the basic - be really good and people will talk about our works and definitely they will suggest to others. Only to do this, never show your weaknesses or spoil their day.

8. In addition to that, enhance our people skills wherever we are, make sure they know what we are doing and one day they will call us to use our service.

9. That is how we managed to survive - get to know people, get the job done and get paid.

10. But the sad thing is - sometimes after we deliver a good job, some of them are very difficult to pay.

11. Well, that is the life of a freelance.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Teaser Sample

This is a teaser sample and was used for one of the tv program.



Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Program Membadai Otak Bhg 1

Anda berminat untuk sama-sama membadai otak mencari satu jalan cerita yang menarik ? Jika ya, mari kita sambung cerita ini. Jika jalan cerita anda menarik dan bertuah, hadiah saguhati menanti anda.

Di dalam sebuah planet, hanya wujud 3 orang lelaki dan 2 orang perempuan.
(Kemungkinan planet mereka seperti gambar-gambar di bawah).
Lelaki 1 mencipta pesawat.
Lelaki 2 menjadi pakar fizik dan kimia.
Lelaki 3 sebagai tukang masak.

Perempuan 1 pakar dalam bidang seni mempertahankan diri.
Perempuan 2 hanya tahu menjahit.

Pada suatu hari, telah berlaku gempa bumi yang amat dahsyat di planet mereka. Kelima-lima mereka terpisah jauh.
(Beginilah agaknya gambaran gempa bumi di planet tersebut).
Setelah gempa bumi reda, mereka mula mencari antara satu sama lain.

Selang beberapa ketika, Lelaki 3 berjaya bertemu dengan Perempuan 2.
(Mungkin mereka bertemu di bawah pokok ini ?)
Mereka sepakat untuk mencari rakan-rakan mereka yang lain. Ketika mencari, banyak halangan yang terpaksa mereka hadapi.

Pada pandangan anda, apakah bentuk-bentuk halangan yang terpaksa mereka hadapi ? Mari kita membadai otak ....

from the chair of

Tentang MINDA Pt 3

1. Hah ! Akhirnya berjaya menonton TV1 dan TV2 melalui laptop ini. Nak tahu caranya ? Begini ...

i) Tanya Pakcik Google tentang super internet tv download.
ii) Lepas tu download FREEEEE di :
iii) Lepas tu ikut arahan Pakcik Cnet tu pulak.
iv) Ikut arahan dan jangan engkar !
v) Install dan tengoklah mana channel yang nak ditengok. Channel dari luar pun boleh tengok.

2. Dan akhirnya, dapat tengok MINDA melalui superinternet tv ni.. sukanya aku... hihihi.. di bawah ada beberapa screenshot MINDA yang sedang on-air yang dapat dipenjarakan... termasuklah Prof Abu Hasan yang sedang berdeklamasi puisi untuk Gaza...

3. Episod ini cerita tentang Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa. Antara tokoh2 yang diinterview...

4. Dan juga khalayak yang sudi berkongsi Minda tentang topik ini...

5. Terima kasih atas kesudian anda menonton dan berkongsi pendapat dalam rancangan ini.

6. Dan di bawah ini pengacara MINDA, Noris Ali. Untuk satu episod ini saja, kami guna 4-5 lokasi dan 2 costume. (rambut masih pakai wig...hihih..) Itulah kehendak Pengarah MINDA.. ZACK IDRIS

7. Tengkiu for wocing...


Monday, February 1, 2010

Room For You

1. Another boss told me this, "If you are good, there is always a room for you."

2. In any organization, it is very important to do a good job. Because by doing a good job, you'll get a better position and a better salary. Agree ?

3. What if you THINK you have done a good job but nobody notice ?

4. To me, you haven't done a good job yet. There are lots of efforts to deliver a good job. Look into yourself and find out which area is lacking.

5. I myself sometimes didn't do a good job as well. I am a late comer, no discipline, always making excuses bla bla bla... Well, we are human, we always make mistakes... oh.. so pathetic to be humans... what else you can be ..? nak jadi katak ? nak jadi lipas ?

6. BUT if you can overcome your weaknesses, welcome aboard. If not, go find other jobs that suit you....

p/s : That was an experience with my another ex-boss...

from the kidney of

Customer Is King ?

1. My ex boss used to remind us - Customer Is King. How many of us agree with that line ?

2. To me, customer is no king IF they are NOT willing to fulfill our needs.

3. I am a customer myself. You are also a customer.

4. As a customer, we have the rights to get the best products or services at a very reasonable pricing. Agree, we always bargain for the products or services required, until both parties achieved a certain agreement and mutual understanding.

5. In video production or any creative services, how do we determine our pricing and what kind of products are we going to deliver ?

6. I know, some video company can charge up to RM50k-RM100k for a simple video presentation.

7. And I'm gonna share with you one story...

Malaon A : Eh how much you pay for your corporate video ah ?
Malaon B : RM40k.. why larrr ?
Malaon A : *#$@# .. I paid RM400k woooo..
Malaon B : Whoaa.. u must have a very good video then ! See see seee...
Malaon A : No lah ! Same quality as yours.. in fact, yours are better maaa !!

Malaon B does not believe. He watched the RM400k video.

Malaon B : Eh .. ya lor... mine is better .. and 90% cheaper !
Malaon A : Told ya.. I sudah kena tipu la ini macam ???

8. It's obvious that both of them are customers. And they are the king for the contractors who did the job.

9. My assumption :
a) Malaon A is very fussy and they always make changes and always making the production team headache to fulfill Malaon A's needs. That's why dia kena sembelih RM400k...

b) Malaon B is a "tak-apa" type of guy and did not interfere in any decisions made by the contractor. So, the contractor has no headache, do his job and deliver a good quality product.

10. Moral : If you are not willing to pay more or making people happy to work for you, don't be a king. Accept whatever you can get with the price you are paying... Sama macam barang from China laaaa.. can get cheaper but no quality one...

written by

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Story of An Introduction Pt 3

(This is a true story based on a true event)

25 Jan 2010, InfoPlanetStudio, Few people, 1 Sony Z1, 1 Nokia N97, 1 18 year-old guitar

1. A picture can tell a thousand words.

2. A 30 sec video clip ?

3. Yeah.. Herman Tino came to Info Planet Studio, with all MJS-Sempurna Sdn Bhd bosses to discuss their soft launch at Concorde Shah Alam tomorow (28 Jan 2010 Thursday @ 2 pm). What product they're going to launch ? The video tells the story.

4. And Herman Tino's voice still rawkksssssssss!! awesome ! Tu baru nyanyi main-main je tu.. blm nyanyi betul2 lagi...

written by

Tentang MINDA Pt 2

1. Sedikit kecewa. Itulah apa yang aku rasa selepas menonton sendiri Minda - Toleransi terhadap haiwan peliharaan yang telah ditayangkan semalam (26 Jan 09 Selasa 4 ptg).

2. Episod yang telah ditayangkan itu sebenarnya adalah 1st cut aku. Lepas tu diorg suruh aku ammend balik, diorang suruh tambah pemelihara anjing dalam segmen 3. Dan buang segmen yang tayang banyak burung serindit, sebab untuk memelihara burung ini, kena ada lesen dari Perhilitan. Maklumat tentang Perhilitan juga ada disentuh selepas ammendment dibuat.. (tapi apasal diorg tak tayang yang dah ammend tu hah ??)

3. Pindaan telah dibuat dan dihantar, tapi kenapa diorg tayang 1st cut yang dah kena reject tu ? Penat tau pergi shoot balik, lepas tu edit balik, tambah cerita pasal orang yang memelihara anjing tu .. Kesian Susan, Bernard & anjing dia Bebe, muka diorg x dpt masuk tv .. kah kah kah .. tak pe, lain kali, shoot sendiri, lepas tu, tengok sendiri la yek...

4. Lagi satu kan, episod 2 patutnya tentang isu lain.. tapi, episod lain pulak yang keluar.. ini macam pun boleh ka...

5. Yang best, boleh kira dengan jari berapa iklan yang disiar.. kah kah kah kah

6. Dan yg paling kelakar, aku suruh minat+mat jaga restoran pasang tv1.. paksa diorg tengok MINDA ... itu jam diorg semua tgh tengok AF ulangan.. babulu je muka masing2... ye lah, aku dah order teh o ais ... kah kah kah

7. Bila dah habis, dia kata, "Abe, wat gapo weh tengok tv nih ?" Aku jawab, "aku cuma nak tengok nama aku naik kat credit title je.." kah kah kah ..

8. Best tak best, lain kira.. janji, nama aku naik. dan yang penting, adawang.. kah kah kah kah

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tentang ABUS

1. Cerita kartun ni aku tulis masa tahun 2005 dan aku hantar kepada Cartoon Workshop. Tahun 2009, diorg kata Eurofine nak buat kartun ni.

2. So, terpaksalah aku memerah otak sampai uban penuh kepala mengingat semula jalan cerita dia.

3. Cerita ni mengisahkan satu koloni bukan manusia yang dikenali sebagai ABUS ( Ayuh Berbudi Untuk Semua) yang diketuai oleh Tok Jambus, anaknya bernama Arda, penasihatnya Hider (atas) dan juga 3 orang pendekar, Hatta, Hasan dan Hajar (bawah).

4. Biasalah, cerita kartun kena ada orang jahat. Ini dia Paloi dan Haloi, dua orang jahat.

5. Paloi dan Haloi pun ada pengikut setia, iaitu Boni dan Bana.

6. Untuk job ni, kitorang cuma tulis skrip, record voice dan juga jadi talent. Kerja-kerja karektor, drawing & animation semuanya dilakukan oleh Cartoon Workshop dan diterbitkan oleh Eurofine. Dengarnya dah on air kat TV1 hari Jumaat pagi...

7. Kalau nak tahu cerita ni dengan lebih lanjut, aku suka... kalau tak nak tahu, aku tak suka... hih hih hih


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