Sunday, May 8, 2011

Youth Humanitarian Mission to Cambodia

1. The date was 23 April to 25 April 2011. I was invited by the Pengerusi of Majlis Belia Selangor Daerah Sabak Bernam to join his delegation for a humanitarian mission in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We went to a Muslim village called Kampung Chrang Chamreh. The delegation contributed medicines to the children. And Info Planet Studio was responsible to document their mission.
The Delegation

 Lunch with one the Cambodian Member of Parliament

2. Video Part 1 - The Muslim Malay in Cambodia which is known as Melayu Champa.

3. Video Part 2 - About the mission by the Pengerusi of Majlis Belia Selangor Daerah Sabak Bernam

4. Video Part 3 - Contributions needed most by the villagers

5. Cambodia can be described as Malaysia during it's 70s. Most of them speak Khmer but some can speak Malay and English. They accept USD even though they have their own currency, which is Riel.

6.  The petrol station stating fuel price which is fluctuate.

7.  We have no issues in finding Halal food, because there are lots of Malaysians here operating Halal restaurants.  This one is Cafe Malaya.

This scene is just outside the Cafe Malaya - a boy who just wants to feed himself by shining shoes.

8. And these are common scene along the road in Phnome Penh.

I had a chance for a tut tut ride.  Scary but not so scary ..:)

9.  And do you believe that this mosque was formerly a dancing club and pub ?

10. During our trip, we had the opportunity to visit the S21 Genocide Museum and the Killing Field. I have to pay USD20 to bring my Sony Z1 to the museum and USD30 to bring it to the Killing Field.  Watch these videos for more stories.


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