Monday, February 1, 2010

Room For You

1. Another boss told me this, "If you are good, there is always a room for you."

2. In any organization, it is very important to do a good job. Because by doing a good job, you'll get a better position and a better salary. Agree ?

3. What if you THINK you have done a good job but nobody notice ?

4. To me, you haven't done a good job yet. There are lots of efforts to deliver a good job. Look into yourself and find out which area is lacking.

5. I myself sometimes didn't do a good job as well. I am a late comer, no discipline, always making excuses bla bla bla... Well, we are human, we always make mistakes... oh.. so pathetic to be humans... what else you can be ..? nak jadi katak ? nak jadi lipas ?

6. BUT if you can overcome your weaknesses, welcome aboard. If not, go find other jobs that suit you....

p/s : That was an experience with my another ex-boss...

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