Monday, February 1, 2010

Customer Is King ?

1. My ex boss used to remind us - Customer Is King. How many of us agree with that line ?

2. To me, customer is no king IF they are NOT willing to fulfill our needs.

3. I am a customer myself. You are also a customer.

4. As a customer, we have the rights to get the best products or services at a very reasonable pricing. Agree, we always bargain for the products or services required, until both parties achieved a certain agreement and mutual understanding.

5. In video production or any creative services, how do we determine our pricing and what kind of products are we going to deliver ?

6. I know, some video company can charge up to RM50k-RM100k for a simple video presentation.

7. And I'm gonna share with you one story...

Malaon A : Eh how much you pay for your corporate video ah ?
Malaon B : RM40k.. why larrr ?
Malaon A : *#$@# .. I paid RM400k woooo..
Malaon B : Whoaa.. u must have a very good video then ! See see seee...
Malaon A : No lah ! Same quality as yours.. in fact, yours are better maaa !!

Malaon B does not believe. He watched the RM400k video.

Malaon B : Eh .. ya lor... mine is better .. and 90% cheaper !
Malaon A : Told ya.. I sudah kena tipu la ini macam ???

8. It's obvious that both of them are customers. And they are the king for the contractors who did the job.

9. My assumption :
a) Malaon A is very fussy and they always make changes and always making the production team headache to fulfill Malaon A's needs. That's why dia kena sembelih RM400k...

b) Malaon B is a "tak-apa" type of guy and did not interfere in any decisions made by the contractor. So, the contractor has no headache, do his job and deliver a good quality product.

10. Moral : If you are not willing to pay more or making people happy to work for you, don't be a king. Accept whatever you can get with the price you are paying... Sama macam barang from China laaaa.. can get cheaper but no quality one...

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  1. actually, i dont understand this. 1st you said that Malaon A paid 400k, then.. in the end, it's Malaon B who paid 400k? im sorry, just asking =)

  2. LOL.. thanks for asking.. typo error .. sorry



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