Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Preparation Is Very Important

1. Making a good video content is just like COOKING. We need to prepare the right ingredient before we can start cooking.

2. Just like in video production where we need the best 'ingredient' before we start shooting.

3. That is why the whole process of video production comprises of pre-production, production and post-production.

4. So, a proper preparation is highly recommended before we start any video project. Imagine how the final video will blow your audience mind and nothing will satisfy more when they give a standing ovation.

5. Below, is a sample of launching video - means after the ceremony is officiated, the video will be played as part of the launching gimmick. And after watching the video, they gave a standing ovation.

6. This is a sample of Video Launch by one of government agency in Malaysia which is NAHRIM. The video was played during their water Knowledge Hub conference, launched by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment somewhere in December 2008 at Equatorial Hotel. There were 12 delegations from 12 different countries. We re-edited the video from An Inconvenient Truth and making it a little more impact for the audience. After that, we highlighted the role from each country. The flow is something like this : Problems - Issues - Whats Happening - How to Overcome the Problem.   

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