Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Work With Passion and Patience

1. Editing a video needs a lot of patience and passion. You need a creative sense of audio and visual art to ensure your audiences keep their eyes open to watch your video.

2. It is also often referred to as the "invisible art" because when it is well-practiced, the viewer can become so engaged that he or she is not even aware of the editor's work.

3. Editing involves the selection and combining of shots into sequences, and ultimately creating a finished video. That's why it is a very important part of storytelling.

4. A video editor must creatively work with the layers of images, story, dialogue, music, pacing, as well as the actors' performances to effectively "re-imagine" and even rewrite the video to craft a cohesive whole. Editors usually play a dynamic role in the making of a video.

5. Choosing the right editing software is also another issue. There are lots of editing software out there you can choose from. Choose a suitable software you can operate or maybe you can use few software and combined them. For me, I am very comfortable in using Sony Vegas. I did a 26 episodes of TV magazine series 100% using this software. And numbers of corporate videos as well.

6. Editing is an art that can be used in diverse ways. It can create sensually provocative montages; become a laboratory for experimental cinema; bring out the emotional truth in an actor's performance; create a point of view on otherwise obtuse events; guide the telling and pace of a story; create an illusion of danger where there is none; give emphasis to things that would not have otherwise been noted; and even create a vital subconscious emotional connection to the viewer, among many other possibilities.

7.  Of course if you need to edit a video, you need a high level of patience and also full of passion. And most of all, you'll need to know the whole phases of video production ; from shooting, directing, continuity, music, sound and many more.

8. It may sounds not easy to edit a video.  But if you have what it takes, you will know what to take.

9. Video below was edited 100% using Sony Vegas 7.

by saifullyzan@yahoo.com

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