Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sharing Session

I will be conducting a two-days sharing session about videography for a small group of students aged 10 to 17.

Taking into consideration that 'vlog' is a common thing in this era, I think it is a good session for those who want to express their thoughts, feelings or anything.

Among the topics to be shared are :
1. Correct your eyes, knowing the camera.
2. Story building.
3. Angles and camera movements.
4. Positioning and compositioning.
5. Editing on camera.
6. You're on TV ! Tell your stories.
7. Introduction to videography and video entreprenuer.

Why introduction to videography to be shared during the last session ? Well, I have my own reasons.

I was involved in TV/Video industry since 1995, after graduated from Universiti Pertanian Malaysia in Bachelor of Science (Human Development) .
I produced drama series in 1996 and then worked as a Programme Maker in Worldview Media SB, producing various 5-minutes documentaries about Malaysian culture, environment, people, dying business trade and many more until 1999.
Then, I worked in the 3rd largest bank in Malaysia, to expand my people's skills and networking.
Year 2005, I became a full time video entrepreneur and freelance till today.
Today, I write script, especially for local animation series, voice over, audio recording, video editing, videographer, scriptwriter, director, executive producer and would do anything in the field video and TV industry, local and international .
One thing that I think I will never do as far as TV/video industries are concerned - appear in front of the camera ! Because I hate to see myself on screen .. :)
(p/s : as of today, that's what I have in mind. Maybe someday, I will let my face to be appeared.. haha..)

SO ?
If you are interested to know more, please do not hesitate to email me with "VIDEO SHARING SESSION" in the subject line.


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