Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Story of An Introduction Pt 3

(This is a true story based on a true event)

25 Jan 2010, InfoPlanetStudio, Few people, 1 Sony Z1, 1 Nokia N97, 1 18 year-old guitar

1. A picture can tell a thousand words.

2. A 30 sec video clip ?

3. Yeah.. Herman Tino came to Info Planet Studio, with all MJS-Sempurna Sdn Bhd bosses to discuss their soft launch at Concorde Shah Alam tomorow (28 Jan 2010 Thursday @ 2 pm). What product they're going to launch ? The video tells the story. http://www.blogtv.com/People/infoplanetstudio

4. And Herman Tino's voice still rawkksssssssss!! awesome ! Tu baru nyanyi main-main je tu.. blm nyanyi betul2 lagi...

written by saifullyzan@yahoo.com

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