Friday, January 22, 2010

A Story of an Introduction Pt 2

This is another fictional story.

Another week, another day, another client, another venue.

We walked through the door and shake the manager's hand. We had an appointment a day before and he already expecting us.

"Please.. have a seat."

"Thank you."

"So, tell me ....."

And so we presented what we have to offer. He listened thoroughly.

Ten minutes later, he said, "It looks like you a have a very big and brilliant idea. I like it."

Making it short, we managed to secure the contract.

They happily gave us RM200k for their corporate video.. ! Hahhaha..

Yes, some clients can pay more than what we expected and some clients don't. However, these stories are fictional but it may happen, right ?

Life is full of colours... even black and white is another two colour.

So enjoy your life before it's too late.. be good, be young, be simple, be yourself... ! You will never too late to learn anything even if you know tomorrow will be the end of days.

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