Friday, January 22, 2010

A Story of an Introduction Pt 1

Hi. I just wanna share something.

This is a fictional short story without commercial breaks.

One day, one time, one venue.

"Tell us more about your ... umm.. what does it call.. In.. Info..." a client tried to spell the company's name, maybe to embarrass us. To make him not to look so stupid, we quickly corrected him by saying, "It's Info Planet Studio, sir.. ".

"Yeah.. whatever... ". A 45-year-old client coughs.

"Info Planet Studio, we provide information to the whole planet by using the power of visions and hearing through the eyes and ears of a small group but talented individuals."

"Hmmph.. ", the client's wife looked at the ceiling, tryied to hide her mouth. But we could tell that she was yawning.

So we continue...

"Here's our services :
1. Video coverage for all events
2. Corporate videos
3. TV Programs - mainly magazine & documentaries
4. Multimedia & Post Production
5. Photography
6. Seminar / Training (call us for more info)"

"So ???" a friend, who looks younger than the client asked.

Then we said :

We have experience in script writing, audio works & voice over for animation series. They are :
1. NOMI (RTM) - 26 eps
2. RIANG (RTM) - 26 eps
3. WIRACOPS (RTM) - 13 eps
4. ABUS (RTM) - 13 eps, continue 26 eps more
5. SIRAH ANBIYAA (InFusion Solutions SB) - 13 eps
6. Currently doing another 13 eps (title cannot tell yet)

"What about documentaries ?" the 45-year-old-man asked.

"Yes, we do documentaries for RTM too !
1. MINDA (RTM) hosted by Noris Ali - 13 eps
2. DI KAKI (RTM) hosted by Yusmal Ghazali & Shazleen Shah Bi - 13 eps
3. TAG (RTM) hosted by Hisham Salleh - Pilot eps DONE.

The client, his wife and his friend looked at each other.

We stared them, waited.

A couple of minute later, the client's wife said, " I need to go to the ladies."

She stood up without looking at us and without saying "excuse me sir, can i go to the toilet ?" - the first English phrase we used to learn during primary school. The client looked at his wife until she disappears.

Then he said, "Look.. "

We waited because we are very patience people.

He looked at his friend. His friend looked at him. They make some weird or more likely stupid look at each other.

"Actually, you are too experience. We need only a junior videographer to shoot our event. Actually we have our relative who can record the video for us for FREE...."

We already expected that answer. Then we asked them :

"Before that, may I know what type of events you want us to cover and how much is your budget for that event?" we probed.

"Actually, we just want a home video to shoot our RM150k wedding for our son. We already spent RM149k for the deco, pelamin, mekap, baju pengantin etc.. that's why we dont have big budget for video. RM350 can aa ?? Or else I ask my relative to record for us.. He is very good too.... !"

The 45-year-old man look at his friend with a very very big smile.

We quoted, "Your RM150k will last only 1 night.. but the video will lasts FOREVER. And you want to spend only RM350 to shoot that event ??"

We stand up, quickly shake their hand and said , "We'll take it !!!!"

They shocked ! They thought we cannot do it with a very tight small and tiny budget. But, hey.. we are INFO PLANET STUDIO.. we make things happen !!

And the client, his wife and his son, which we thought their friend, live happily ever after...

...and after we shoot their wedding, we decided to eat maggi mee to survive ...

Have you encountered this experience ? Share with us... LOL

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